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  • Beginner

    In a few short hours, the beginner lessons will lead you step by step through the powerful features of your new website. We will teach you how to edit all the existing sample content in your website, to customize the website to your needs.

    Each lesson is broken into 30 minute chunks, so that we won't overwhelm you with too much instruction at once. You can take a lesson a day, or get through all four lessons in one sitting.

    Take things at the pace that works for you. If you are catching on quickly and enjoy these tutorials, you could have a site ready for the world to see in just a couple hours!

    Start with Lesson 1a – An Overview of your My Artisan Web site

  • Intermediate

    Intermediate lessons are more in depth lessons that address key aspects of completing your site and growing it successfully over time. They cover a number of topics such as administration basics, setting up sections and categories, basic search engine marketing and more.

  • Advanced

    Advanced Lessons will take you to the next level with your website.  Opening doors for customizing your site with new extensions, ways to increase security, and how to maintanence the site.

  • Video

    This series of Joomla 1.5 Videos is intended for assisting the visual learner with hands on techniques in how to setup and configure your new website.

  • MyArtisanStarts

My Artisan Web is a Vermont based company that is committed to lightning fast websites that are securely hosted and completely supported. Although we live in a rural area, we are technologically clever and always up to date with our services, coding, and design recommendations.

ADDRESS: My Artisan Web
White Glove Joomla Hosting as a Service
214 Main Street Brattleboro, VT 05301
CONTACT Tel (802) 579-1340


ARTISAN WEB AND PRINT (our parent company)